Why Travelling Solo to Australia is So Much Fun?

Travelling alone has its own thrill and yes, even perks. While it may not seem a great idea for those who prefer travelling in groups or with family, it is sure an exciting proposition for the solo travellers who feel that there’s no better way to explore new places and get acquainted with foreign cultures.

So, if you are planning to explore the beautiful island country, Australia this summer, make sure that you have the necessary documents in place. By that we mean, the Australia Visa ETA (Electronic Authority) that’s a must to travel to Australia as a foreigner. This is an authority to enter the country that is electronically linked to your passport. So, all you need to do is to apply for it online and the ETA gets connected to your passport with no requirement of an official or the stamp on the passport. Isn’t that super convenient?

So, what’s the fun travelling solo to Australia?

There are several other travellers

Australia is a perfect destination for the backpackers travelling alone and so, you would find lots of them doing the same thing as you. Yep, you would not really be alone among the tons of other travellers.

You have a choice to be unsociable

The country offers loads of opportunities to travellers to be unsociable. Being one of the biggest countries in the world, Australia offers several remote and distance destinations that offer solitude and serenity.

It’s a vast country

Being a massive country, you have a lot of wildly things to see and do as well. From the mighty snow-covered peaks, or sizzling hot coastlines to lush rainforests or the dry desserts, it offers all the nature’s beauty in one country.

Create your bucket list

You get an opportunity to perhaps do everything under the sun in this country. From sipping on coffee in Melbourne, or exploring the Uluru, to taking a dive at the Great Barrier Reef or witnessing the fascinating NYE fireworks, you have the benefit to tick off the things you want to do from the bucket list.

One of the safest countries in the world

Nope, if you do not consider the wild animals that you frequently come across, it’s remarkably low crime rates and all thanks to the social stability that makes it one of the safest countries in the world.

They speak English

Yes, contrary to the popular notion, Australia is in fact, an English-speaking nation. As a foreigner, especially if you speak English, there’s no stopping you from communicating in the same language in the country.

While there are many other reasons to travel Australia including the fascinating night skies like at the Outbacks, or making your friends green with envy by posting the amazing pics on the social media, there could be only one big reason and that’s you want to travel solo, period. Just make sure that you have your Australia Visa ETA in place and all you look forward to is a smooth and exciting journey to the beautiful country.

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