The 8 types of bags you can find on e-commerce

The handbag is one of the indispensable elements in women’s daily lives. It is not only a fashion accessory; it fulfils useful functions so that you can carry your belongings in the most comfortable and functional way possible.

Every occasion calls for a different type of bag! And they are distinguished by their sizes, shapes and colours to suit all tastes. On e-commerce sites such as, the diversity is so wide and we often don’t know which bags to choose from among so many options.

That’s why we dedicate this article to the 8 types of handbags most in demand by consumers.

1. Clutch

These bags are small in size, almost like wallets, and usually do without straps or straps to hang them. They are rectangular in shape, simulating the shape of an envelope, and are carried by hand. They are the best option for evening events because they are very sophisticated, although it is becoming more and more common to see them during the day thanks to the new variants.

2. Tote bag

This is a large tote bag, designed to carry all sorts of things. It is usually shaped like an inverted trapezoid and has two large handles that allow it to be carried over the shoulder or on the forearm.

3. Satchel bag

This type of bag, also known as messenger bag, is inspired by the satchels used by postmen in the middle of the last century.

They have a strap that allows them to be hung up, making them even more reminiscent of a type of satchel with a very different use, although nowadays the design has evolved to fit in with fashion.

4. Doctor bag

This case has a similar concept to the previous one, and they are inspired by doctors’ work bags, from which they get their name. The closure of these bags is usually at the top, and they also have a strap that allows them to be carried hanging.

5. Crossbody

This is possibly the most comfortable bag a woman can have. Small to medium in size, they have a long strap that crosses over one shoulder and across the chest, and is worn next to the hip on the opposite side.

6. Shopping bag

This type of bag is reminiscent in shape and size of a shopping bag. It has a relaxed, rectangular structure, with two large handles that allow it to be carried over the shoulder.

Thanks to its structure, it can be made of all kinds of materials to give it a more rigid or softer look.

7. Bucket

This is a bag that has gained popularity over the years, and gets its name directly from its shape, which is similar to that of a bucket.

It usually has a shoulder strap and closes with a strap that goes through metal rings and is attached to the top of the bag, in the style of a sailor’s bag.

8. Backpack

This is another of those examples that have seen their notoriety increase at the hands of the most important fashion designers.

They are far from being useful objects only for students, and they can even be elegant and sophisticated, like some made of leather, with details of metal clasps and hardware.