Life Cover Experts Expand Into Health Insurance

Having expertly compared the UKs life insurance market for years, Pure Cover has recently expanded into helping customers find the best deals on private health insurance, will writing, and funeral plans.

As the number of people in the UK with life insurance policies has fallen steadily over the past few years, the number of people taking out health insurance increased. A new market is forming in the UK for insurance to cover private healthcare costs; by reviewing the companies offering these policies, Pure Cover is making sure nobody has to pay over the odds for their insurance.

In addition to covering the health insurance market, Pure Cover is moving into providing comparisons of will writing services and funeral plans. These areas will supplement the already thorough coverage of life insurance and related issues on the platform.

In relation to the decision to provide information about will writing services, Pure Cover director Michael Charalambous said, ‘Many people, even some who have taken out life insurance policies, don”t understand how important it is to have a legally valid will. Dying intestate can leave your loved ones with a long battle to get a life insurance policy to pay out, and we don”t want anyone to be in that situation.’

Drawn on Pure Cover”s move towards health insurance, Charalambous remarked, ‘UK consumers are clearly becoming more concerned with finding insurance to provide them the best quality medical care. Our goal has always been to keep the cost of insurance down and help people find the best life insurance policies, it”s a natural move to use our expertise in the field of private health care for the same purpose.’

The insurance market in the UK is changing, with people increasingly preferring policies that provide better healthcare while they”re alive to payouts upon their death. Pure Cover are moving with the times to provide helpful information to UK citizens seeking the best insurance policies out there.

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